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What Clients Say
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     "When I had sought the help of three doctors for a condition, which they designated "idiopathic purpurea," I became worse and worse. I was helped back to a much improved, daily life through the clinical nutrition support of Advanced Clinical Nutrition, which is much beyond dietitians' capabilities."

B. Curts of Iowa Park, Texas

     "I was tired all the time until a friend recommended Advanced Clinical Nutrition. Within a few weeks, I felt better than I had in years."

R. Chappell, Mineral Wells, Texas

     "In 1998, my wife had a mastectomy. Later that year, we were introduced to Advanced Clinical Nutrition and have been using their services successfully since. My wife and I owe our lives to the nutritional advice from Donna F. Smith, C.C.N., C.N."

C. Douthitt, Henrietta, Texas

     "My husband was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia in 1994, at the age of 60. He became disabled and almost bedfast. Within a few months after becoming a client of Advanced Clinical Nutrition Joe could shop, work in the yard, play golf from a golf car and enjoy a lifestyle he though was gone forever."

P. Walker, Vernon, Texas

     "I was taking prescription drugs for high blood pressure and also thyroid problems. With the clinical nutrition support of Advanced Clinical Nutrition, I have improved my health and at the present time, I am 82 years old and completely off both medications as my blood pressure is normal and I have no thyroid problems... I had a bone density test last week, and my doctor diagnosed "no osteoporosis." I give Advanced Clinical Nutrition credit for my good health."

B. Tate, Wichita Falls, Texas

     "I am 18 years old and engaging in a rigorous, athletic lifestyle. In just under six months on a sports nutrition program designed by Advanced Clinical Nutrition I have reduced my body fat and built muscle to the point where I was completely satisfied in both body and mind. Without Advanced Clinical Nutrition's personal touch, I could not have reached my athletic goals, and I could not have developed the healthy, life-long plan I practice today."

J. Deluna, Wichita Falls, Texas

     "I had a kidney removed and could not get rid of my catheter. With the assistance of Advanced Clinical Nutrition I was put on a nutritional kidney support program and soon I could release my catheter."

T. Harmon, Wichita Falls, Texas

     "I first became a client of Advanced Clinical Nutrition in 1992 after going through extensive therapies and treatments for chronic back pain with virtually little or no relief from the pain. Only after following the advice of Donna F. Smith, C.C.N. did I finally start to see improvement. Not only did my back pain improve and is almost non-existent now, my overall health has dramatically improved."

K. Woolbright, Lawton, Oklahoma

     "The problem of joint inflammation has improved greatly. I no longer take medication for this. I have also seen extreme improvement in the areas of cold feet and hands. I no longer have to add an extra blanket on my bed at night. My weight is decreasing... I am wearing slacks I haven't been able to wear in a long time. I attribute my improvement to the advice and dietary changes and supplements recommended through Advanced Clinical Nutrition."

J. Cliff, Cyril, Oklahoma

     "I had a hard time remembering names right after introduction. My concentration was easily broken and my mind tired easily. After one month on my nutritional brain and nervous system support program, I could concentrate more effectively and longer. My mind did not seem so 'bogged' down and tired. I could remember names after being introduced."

C. Foster, Lawton, Oklahoma