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Copyright 1999
Donna F. Smith

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 Disease or Dis-Ease

by Donna F. Smith, C.C.N., C.N.

     Traditionally, we have viewed disease as a degenerative process. However, disease is better understood when viewed as "dis-ease" in the human body. Dis-ease means "without ease," for example, when we suffer the symptoms of a pinched nerve or nutritional deficiencies. When this occurs, the mind and body is in dis-ease. Health is not merely the absence of disease; health is when every part of the body is working together effortlessly, relaxed and at ease.

Too Much or Not Enough Energy
     In The Chiropractor's Adjustor (1910, p. 36), D. D. Palmer, D.C., wrote, "...the basic principles of our science is that too much or not enough energy is disease." Everything in the human body works in biorhythms. Energy flows in waves through and around the body to energize the organs, glands and systems. Wherever energy goes, a chemical or nutrition goes with it. Every organ has an electrical charge, and when over-charged or under-charged, dis-ease or lack of ease occurs.
     An over-charged organ is recognized by the production of too much chemistry or too much nutrition. As a result, body chemistry becomes imbalanced, organs become enlarged, body shapes become disproportionate, obese, etc.
     An under-charged organ produces such a slow metabolism or biochemistry that the body does not have sufficient energy to digest, absorb, or assimilate nutrients, to eliminate toxins and waste, or to motivate itself in an alert, agile, swift manner. Wherever there is insufficient energy, there is also insufficient chemistry or malnutrition. When the body is not at ease, it is an effort to go on each day.
     Dis-ease can create a domino affect. In speeding up or slowing down the body chemistry, dis-ease can cause organs and glands to become dysfunctional and inhibit cells from regenerating, repairing and growing. The eventual, long-term effect of dis-ease is disease, as we know it today.

The Doctor Within
     B. J. Palmer, D.C., said, "The real doctor is the source that lives within you, that heals within you minute by minute every day." In other words, the Doctor Within is the innate intelligence of the human body.
     For example, when we cut our hand with a piece of glass, we do not have to command the body to close the wound and grow new skin. The Doctor Within knows how to heal itself. However, we do have to nourish the skin, disinfect it and remove the glass, or it cannot heal.
     Thus, this innate doctor relies upon us to assist in the healing process. Our role is to:

1) identify the body's needs,
2) provide the substances required for healing and
3) remove the obstacles or interferences to healing.

This same process of healing on the outside of the body, which we can see, is constantly at work within the body, which we cannot see.
     The substances the body requires for healing are the very substances it requires to live. We know that the human body cannot survive and death would ensue without air, food, water and sleep. These not only comprise the basic substances for the very existence of life itself, they also suggest that the quality of our air, food, water and sleep determines the quality of our life and health. Additionally, biochemical individuality dictates that people have individual requirements for these substances. Therefore, if deficiency is the cause of dis-ease, using a "clinical" nutrition interpretation of body chemistries (blood, urine, saliva, stool, mineral hair tissue, etc.) and other evaluation techniques, the C.C.N. can identify and recommend the exact dietary, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle protocols each patient requires.
     Sometimes, it is not a lack of these substances that inhibit healing, but an excess, such as too much energy, too much nutrition or too many poisons from our air, food and water. Organs and mechanical structures are nutritional energy extensions of the brain and nervous system. Electrical surges from organs innervated by pinched nerves can cause systems to burnout and self-destruct. If excess is the cause of dis-ease, using a clinical nutrition biochemical analysis and other assessment techniques, the C.C.N. can identify and recommend lifestyle protocols to assist in removing the cause of interference to healing.

A Body At Ease Is Ageless
     The free energetic flow of the chemistry of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, hormone precursors and synergists is like an orchestra--it brings about the harmony or homeostasis of all the parts of the body working together -- relaxed, effortless and at ease. The human body becomes agile, swift, flexible, fit and proportional. Body fat is reduced and muscles are increased. The skin regains color and firmness; the face becomes soft and smooth; wrinkles are less or non-existent. This is the true art of preventive healthcare, which is the major thrust for healthcare in the 21st Century.
     The very manner in which the body is designed suggests that it was originally made for the purpose of healing itself and living a very long, healthy life. With 94% of old atoms being exchanged for new ones each year, aging, in its original design, was meant to be a very slow process.
     The clinical nutrition interpretation of blood and other chemistries, along with specific evaluation techniques, equips the C.C.N. with the ability to identify dis-ease and accurately assess each patient's individual nutritional biochemistry to provide the substances for and remove the obstacles to their healing. With a clinical nutrition biochemical analysis, the C.C.N. has the opportunity to work with the Doctor Within to assist in its ongoing process of health restoration and maintenance, and even slow down the aging process.

With a clinical nutrition biochemical analysis from a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), it is now possible for you to improve your health no matter what your current health challenges. Following a clinical nutrition program provides you with the opportunity to reverse dis-ease and promoting health (ease) and longevity well for the rest of your life.

Copyright 1999 Donna F. Smith

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