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Copyright 1999
Donna F. Smith

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The Turtle and The Rabbit Healing Process

by Donna F. Smith, C.C.N., C.N.

This information applies to clients choosing WSN's clinically-formulated supplements.

     Though the Turtle traveled slower than the Rabbit in the race, both crossed the Finish Line. Using this analogy will help you understand our intention when designing a clinical and sports nutrition program for you. That is, consider your program to be designed with either the Turtle and the Rabbit Healing Process in mind.
     The only difference in these two healing processes is the number of clinically-formulated supplements that will be recommended. Obviously, the more supplements a client is able to afford the faster their deficiencies will be corrected and the faster the client will heal and feel better. Some of our clients are on fixed budgets and others are not. Thus to provide a clinical and sports nutrition program that will fit everyone's pocket book, we introduce you to the Turtle and the Rabbit Healing Process programs.
     Both the Turtle and the Rabbit Healing Process programs work systematically in priority from the first to the last of your nutritional health challenges. Both work intensively on each organ, gland and body system indicating insufficiencies, deficiencies and imbalances; each are Detoxification and Rebuilding Healing Processes.
     Because the Turtle Healing Process program is a less financial investment because you are taking less clinically-formulated supplements, your nutritional symptoms may not leave as quickly as in the Rabbit Process. However, it encouraging to know that this is not often the case. Because of other factors that also affect the healing pace, such as improvement in diet and lifestyle, some clients are delighted with how quickly their nutritional symptoms improve on the Turtle Healing program.
     Because the Rabbit Healing Process program includes more clinically-formulated supplements, the financial investment is more, however, multiple organs, glands or body systems are addressed at one time. Therefore, nutritional symptoms improve more quickly and bring a faster healing response so that you can feel better faster.

The pace at which your body heals is accelerated by:


The number of clinically-formulated supplements taken to correct the maximum number of nutritional deficiencies;

2. Closely adhering to your Food Chemistry Dietary Plan to correct more dietary deficiencies.
3. Integrating health-promoting, principle-centered lifestyle practices introduced in through PEP Sessions to correct lifestyle practices which interfere with your body's ability to heal.
     Regardless of which Healing Process Program you choose, you can enhance your program by a 90% to 100% adherence to your Food Chemistry Dietary plan and implementing the lifestyle education in our PEP Sessions.

     Keep in mind that though the Turtle and the Rabbit traveled at a different pace, they both crossed the Finish Line. Therefore, whether you choose the Turtle or the Rabbit Healing Process, you may have confidence that you too will cross the Finish Line.
     The Finish Line in this nutritional reference is the "Wellness or Health Maintenance Line." Attaining Wellness or Health Maintenance is that point at which your nutritional tests indicate that you have reached optimum healing (Wellness). When this occurs, you will be instructed in how you may maintain the good health you have earned so you may enjoy health for the rest of your life. In other words, you are instructed in your "Health Maintenance Program."
     Also, at the time you have achieved optimum healing and received instructions on how to maintain your healing via. the health maintenance program, you are ready to shift from an interdependent relationship with us to a more independent relationship, which means becoming a Self-Designed Program client.
      Click here to review the definition of a Self-Designed Program client.

To attain Optimum Healing (Wellness), requires:
  • adhering to your Food Chemistry Dietary Plan,
  • taking clinically-formulated supplements targeted to correct your nutritional deficiencies, and
  • integrating the information you will receive in your PEP Sessions so that you may eliminate lifestyle practices that inhibit your healing process and develop health-promoting lifestyle habits.

Copyright 1999 Donna F. Smith

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