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Microbial Immune Kit (MIK)

    Bounce Back Fast with A Microbial Immune Kit

     Through the use of homeopathic remedies and clinically-formulated nutritional supplements, you can feel better with 24 hours by nutritionally supporting your immune system when exposed to the various microbials (germs), such as virus, bacteria, strep, staph, yeast, parasites and worms.
     Our clients report improvement within a few hours or up to 24 hours after using WSN's Microbial Immune Kit (MIK). MIK contains specific homeopathic remedies and supplements for the nutritional support of the immune system when exposed to viruses, bacteria, strep, staph and other parasites. Parasites, like worms and yeast may take three days to three weeks to experience results, though generally within three to seven days initial improvement is noticed. There are different Kits for different parasites. There is the Microbial Virus Immune Kit, the Microbial Bacteria Immune Kit, etc. Based upon the findings from your clinical nutrition analysis, the specific Kit required for your immune system will be recommended.

Step One:
     The first order of each Microbial Immune Kit includes a three-month supply of clinically-formulated supplements to support the immune system through the microbial incubation period. To understand this incubation period, click here to go to the article "The Best Defense Against Virus Attacks." by Donna F. Smith, C.C.N., C.N.

Step Two:
     After completing at least one 3-month Immune Microbial Kit, you may order a one-month supply if you have an active virus or other parasite that requires immune system immediate support. Symptoms may include running nose, upset stomach, achy joints, cold and flu-like symptoms, headache, sinus and lung congestion, sore throat, etc. If you are currently suffering from an active virus or other parasite, you may notice that you feel better within 24 hours when you act quickly and order your Kit right away. The ideal approach is to keep a one-month supply Kit in your Health Chest at all times. If you delay starting your Kit, you may have to stay on the immune support program (MIK) for another three months. In other words, this would occur only if you delayed so long that the parasite had the opportunity to settle in your cells and tissue and can now multiple. Once this occurs, the three-month incubation period for the new parasite must be respected for best results.

Step Three:
     If after completing Step One and Two, you find that you are still frequently attacked by viruses or other parasites, this means that one 3-month incubation period is not sufficient to strengthen your immune system. From clinical experience, we have observed that people who have weak immune systems, from years of years of accumulated parasites, have frequent recurrent illnesses from one or more active parasite.
     For these people, it is important to stay on the Immune Microbial Kit to build their immune system for a minimum of one year to go through the various exposures of the four seasons. Generally, one year is sufficient. After one year, when an active virus or parasite attack occurs, generally, a one-month supply will assist the client in preventing the parasite from settling in the cells and tissue when acted upon right away.
     Occasionally, there are those who have severely weak immune systems that must continue to support their immune system for two or more years.

     Whichever description best fits your immune system, you will be coached properly after a thorough analysis of your nutritional biochemistry and provided the appropriate Immune Microbial Kit for a long as is necessary to detoxify active and old parasites so that you may build a strong immune system.

     To understanding what parasites are, how and why you are exposed to them, what their real purpose is on earth and how to work with them, rather than allow them to work against you, refer to the Parasite section in the four-part article series on Fibromyalgia Part 1-4 by DONNA F. SMITH, C.C.N., C.N., in the Articles.

     This information and the microbial immune kit is for the nutritional support of the immune system and not for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any microbial-related disease.

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