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The information and services provided are for nutritional support, and not for the treatment of any medical condition or disease. By using this web site, you understand and abide by this disclaimer.

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Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis (NBCA)

    The Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis consists of the nutritional interpretation of the following tests:


General Blood Chemistry (Chem-20) - 19-21 different blood tests
2. Complete Blood Count (CBC) - 13 different blood tests
3. Lipid Profile (Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, & Cardiac Risk Ratios) - 6 blood tests
4. Thyroid Profile (T3, T4, T7, and TSH) - 4 blood tests

A Total of 44 Tests Are Nutritionally Analyzed To Determine What Is Interfering With Your Ability To Improve Your Health, Sports Performance and Weight Management!

If each of the above tests were analyzed individually, the fee would average over $300.

    After we have nutritionally analyzed your blood chemistry, you will receive a nutritional report of our findings along with supplement guidelines to correct the nutritional deficiencies or imbalances indicated.

    Your blood may be drawn at one of our DirectLab Laboratory sites in your area or through your doctor. Click here to "order" laboratory test from our Associate Laboratory or your Physician, whichever you prefer.

    Supplement Guidelines are provided for clients order the Clinical and Sport Nutrition Comprehensive Analysis and the Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis. It is not included for the Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis for Self-Designed Clients.

Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis for One Biological System:
    Ordering the Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis of 44 blood chemistries as presented above saves you money, time and brings faster results. However, if you prefer, you may order a nutritional blood chemistry analysis for only one biological system at a time instead of the complete analysis of 44 blood chemistries.
    If you are not sure where to start, order the Health Appraisal Comprehensive (HAC). This identifies the 10 biological systems where you have nutritional symptoms. Once this is known, you may then order the nutritional blood chemistry analysis for the biological system that is the most severe.
    When ordering the Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis (NBCA) for One Biological System, also indicate in the Custom Order Description/Comments section of our Order Form, which biological system you desire to have analyzed.

Important Notes:
1. The fee for drawing your blood and the cost of clinically-formulated supplements is not included in the fee for analysis.
2. This is nutritional, not medical, interpretation of your blood. It is analyzing your blood for nutritional deficiencies, biochemical and metabolic imbalances that affect body function. It is not an analysis for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease. A healthy report based on a medical interpretation of your blood work does not indicate that you will have a healthy report based on a nutritional interpretation. A nutritional report reveals imbalances prior to it appearing on a medical report. This is why our services are the basis of all preventative health care programs.

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