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PEP Session Overview


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     Clinical experience has proven the importance of both clinical nutrition therapy and personal nutritional-health education. Ruling out inherent and accidental causes, over 90% of the causes of all your health concerns are directly related to your lifestyle, i.e., what you eat, drink, how you think, breathe, sleep, work, play, exercise and your environmental exposures. Corrective clinical nutrition therapy can only be permanent and lasting when you understand and correct lifestyle practices which are interfering with your body's ability to heal itself and maintain health. Our Personal Education Program (P.E.P.) Sessions have been designed to coach you in making the lifestyle changes that will build and maintain health for the rest of your life.
     I have observed that clients who order PEP Sessions in addition to following their clinical and sports nutrition program become healthy faster and are able to maintain health after completing corrective clinical nutrition therapy. Those who neglect to give equal emphasis to education and as their nutritional therapy, often return months or years later with the same health concerns because they did not originally take the time to get to the cause (their lifestyle) and make the necessary changes that build and maintain health. Our P.E.P. Sessions are designed to assist you in progressing towards health from wherever you are at this moment, even if you are in a place where you think making changes is too difficult or time consuming.
     From your clinical nutrition testing results and monthly progress evaluations, your C.C.N., can recommend the key PEP Sessions particular to your lifestyle.
     The paragraphs to follow provide a brief P.E.P. Session Overview. P.E.P. Sessions are offered through our web site, as well as in private or group sessions.
     Any client scheduling a private or group session, may invite immediate family members over the age of 12 to attend free of charge.

     A "series" of P.E.P. Sessions is provided when the information on the specific subject is so vast that it could not possibly be covered in one session. Each session builds upon and reinforces each of the other sessions in the series. Completing an entire series of P.E.P. Sessions provide the most effective method for making the lasting changes in your desire to create a health-supportive, disease-preventive, and happier lifestyle for yourself. Discounts are available to those ordering an entire PEP Session Series.

     The PEP Session Series listed below by numbers are complete PEP Sessions on a particular health and nutrition topic. To get you started, we have created two "basic" series - one is basic dietary and nutrition education, titled, "General Nutrition Education," and the other is basic sports nutrition education, titled, "Sports Nutrition Education." In these two basic series, we have selected the key sessions within a complete Series that can speed up your knowledge, skill and ability to make faster recoveries from illness or injury, enhance health and sports performance, and lifestyle modification.


General Nutrition Education Series includes:

PEP #11-12 - Acid and Alkaline (Base) pH Testing and Balancing
PEP #23 - Proper Food Combining - How to do it and when is it necessary.
PEP #26 - Menu Planning
PEP #27 - How To Interpret Nutrient Labels
PEP #38 - How To Get The Most From What You Eat
PEP #40 - Foods and the Vitamins and Minerals They Contain
PEP #47 - Creating My Home Health Chest (vs. Medicine Chest)

Sports Nutrition Education Series includes:

PEP #11-12 - Acid and Alkaline (Base) pH Testing and Balancing
PEP #105 - Training - Daily Workouts - Exercise
PEP #106 - Weight Loss without Muscle Loss
PEP #107 - Pre/Post Sports Events - Carbo Loading, Creatine Loading.
PEP #108 - Macro-Nutrient Balanced Diet

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Mind/Body Connection (Sessions 1-10) focus on how your mind and body work together in support of your health or destructively to bring about illness and death. You will be coached in the roles your thoughts, emotions and beliefs play with respect to your health. Do your mental/emotional patterns currently support your health or interfering with it? Learn the specific action steps that leaders in the field of mind-body healthcare today are using to improve their clients' health.

Acid/Alkaline pH Balancing (Sessions 11-12) are the initial preparation towards building the skills to perform a home nutritional physical examination, for example, how to balance your urine and saliva pH. Maintaining a balanced pH assists your body's innate healing process and regularly monitoring is a key to maintaining optimum health. Home Test kits are available for doing nutritional exams in your home.

Detoxification Series (Sessions 13-14) provide vital information prior to completing P.E.P. Sessions 15 to 27. These two sessions provide insights into the consequences of neglecting or being unaware of applying daily the principles which govern the healthy function of our body and mind. Session 13 provides coaching in the function of your digestive system and the body's natural detoxification system. Session 14 coaches you in the connection of disease and toxicity. This reinforces the importance of an effective biological detoxification system and the elimination or reduction of toxic exposures from food and environmental factors. Clients with high scores on the Dysbiosis Questionnaire and Elimination Assessment Questionnaires are an example of the types of clients who can benefit from PEP Sessions 13-14.

Click her to complete the Dysbiosis Questionnaire and/or Elimination Assessment Questionnaire.

Diet and Health Connection Series (Sessions 15-27) provide both dietary and nutritional health education principles. Beginning with a 6-part series titled, The Diet-Health Connection, through nutritional education videos, PEP Session materials and/or the Functional Dietetics textbook you will be coached in specific body building nutrients: the macro-nutrients (proteins, fats/oils, carbohydrates) and the micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, water). Some key topics you will be coached in are: the myths around Cholesterol, its health benefits and how to maintain healthy cholesterol; food combining -- when it is important and when it is not; identify and managing food allergies and hyper-sensitivities; identifying food families and how to diversify and rotate your foods to minimize exposures to pesticides/herbicides and maximize nutrient intake. You will be coached in the principles of a Sound Diet, learn menu planning and how to read food and beverage labels.

Creating a Healthy, Vibrant and Lean Body Series (Sessions 28-37). This 10- part series provides the most effective tools for weight management. You will learn how to create a lean high-energy body, remove mental and emotional blocks to obtaining and maintaining your ideal weight, be coached in the weight regulating mechanism, reprogramming your set point, and understanding motion and physical exercise. You will discover 10 biological factors which affect your ability to lose and/or maintain your ideal weight. You will be coached in body movement, breathing, relaxation, proper rest, safe stretching, the key distinctions on health and physical fitness, and strength training benefits and myths. Acupressure points, which assist the body in releasing blocked fluids and foods, will be demonstrated so that you may eliminate excess waste naturally without the use of laxatives and diuretics, ruling out chronic or clinical conditions. Body Composition Analysis will be provided to measure fat, lean muscle, water and cell mass. Measurements and other anthropometric will be taken to monitor your successful progress.

Click here to read our weight management article, titled, "Fat Fallacy and the 10 Biological Factors - A new approach to weight management."

Environmental Series (Sessions 42-46). Learn how to identify and minimize the sources of toxins you are being exposed to daily. Learn about non-toxic, healthy alternatives in home and office cleaning supplies, appliances, linen, decor, furnishings, personal hygiene and skin care. Learn how to promote health in domestic and farm animals. Much of what is feed to pets today is promoting animal illnesses. Learn healthier alternatives.

Creating Lifestyle Changes that Last Series (Sessions 49-54). A principle-centered lifestyle is a key to healthy living. One significant principle to give attention to is "if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting." In other words, if health, love, peace, prosperity describes the qualities and experiences of your life, then keep doing what you are doing. However, if you pause a moment and reflect on your current experience of life and it contains illness, pain, unhappiness, frustration, depression, lack, financial insecurity or any other unresourceful physical, mental or emotional state, you will continue to produce these states and conditions in your life unless you discover and apply the steps which lead to healthy, successful states of being. This principle is further demonstrated by comments like, "The faces and places have changed, but the context or outcomes are the same." This is an important series for anyone who finds him/herself "stuck" in repeated cycles or "blocked" and unable to successfully breakthrough and succeed at desired health or life goals.

Loving Relationships Series (Sessions 55-62). These PEP sessions coach you in improving or creating loving relationships with family, friends and co-workers. Be coached in the role left and right brain dominance plays in determining behavior. Did you know that each person is unique in their interpretation of love--the way you express your love for another, may not be the way the other person can receive it, and vice versa. You will be coached in how to assess the other person's love language and criteria. You will be coached in interpreting body language so uniquely that the other person may think you can read their mind. The skills presented in this series are currently being taught internationally by health professionals to promote effective communication and loving relationships.

Athletic and Sports Nutrition Series (Sessions 101-108). These PEP Sessions will assist you in accurately calculating your daily grams of protein, carbs, and fats/oils. They will coach you on exactly what macro- and micro-nutrients will enhance your sports performance and skills. Pre/Post Sports Events protocols and carbo loading, losing weight without losing muscle are among the topics in this series.

This concludes the summary on the various P.E.P. Session offered in "series".

     Single PEP Sessions on the PEP Session List, which do not appear in the above "P.E.P. Sessions Series" are classified as "single" P.E.P. Sessions. Single PEP Sessions have information, exercises and educational self-help materials which are complete in one session alone. In other words, you get all you need in the one "Single" PEP Session.

     There is a wonderful saying, which goes something like this: "You can catch a fish and feed a man for a day or teach him to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime." Each P.E.P. Session (singles and series) have been designed coach you in dietary, nutritional biochemistry, and lifestyle principles so you may take care of your body and mind for a lifetime in a manner that promotes health.
     After completing your P.E.P. Sessions, you will no longer fear illness and degenerative diseases because you will have the skills, confidence, understanding and tools to prevent them. P.E.P. Sessions are based upon principle-centered living. Principles, like gravity, which are constant and fixed. Gravity does not care if you believe in it, ignore it or work with it. Principles of dietary and nutritional biochemistry are also fixed. If you work with all principles of physics and biochemistry, you will promote and maintain good health. Being unaware or neglectful of them, you create your own illness and diseases. The good news is "What the body can create, it can uncreate." When your lifestyle has created a disease, you can uncreate the disease, if you act before it is too late. Many people think it is too late when they receive the label or diagnosis of a disease. In our clinical experience, we often find that it is not too late. The body, when given the tools to heal itself, can heal itself.
     As you review the P.E.P. Session List, e-mail a list of the PEP Sessions you are particularly interested to assist in improving your lifestyle and those you think are related to your health challenges. Your PEP Sessions list and the PEP Sessions your C.C.N. knows you need based upon the findings from your clinical nutrition tests, will be organized in the order of priority. You will then be notified which PEP Sessions to order first, second until you have a thorough understanding of the causes of your illness/disease and/or how to create a healthy lifestyle so you may prevent diseases in the future.
     Some sessions have accompanying audio and video tapes. These will be provided for a small rental fee.
     To those who desire faster healing and who want to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves as quickly as possible, we recommend completing one single PEP Session or one PEP Session in a series each week or two each month. PEP Sessions are designed so that each client may increase their education and modify their lifestyle at a pace that works best for the individual. The key is to be consistent in completing PEP Sessions at the pace you choose and communicate any challenge you may have integrating the PEP Session educational materials.

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