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     Converting your "Medicine Chest" to a "Home Health Chest" is easy, safe and effective when quality herbal products are used appropriately. For over 20 years, WSN has used the herbal products from Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc.(NSP), with great success! NSP herbs are also recommended in our PEP Sessions to coach our clients on how to use herbs, kitchen home remedies and other natural products for minor injuries and emergencies that befall everyone from time to time. Using these products can be a life-saver until the Emergency Medical Team arrives.

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Home Health Chest - Bee Sting Case History

     The enjoyment Matt, age 14, was experiencing during a morning walk in the woods was soon altered when he was attacked by five stinging bees. One bee penetrated deeply into the back of his scalp and it took a minute or two to dig the bee out. Matt thought the bee was going to be stuck in his head permanently. All the injury sites were swollen and red within seconds, but two of the five were severe and unusually swollen.
     His mother applied mud to the wounded sites to begin the process of removing the "stinger" from his skin until he could get home to apply honey. Honey is one of the best substances that withdraws the bee's stinger. The mud was washed off upon arrival at home and a poultice was applied to all the wound sites and bandaged. The ingredients for this poultice is provided below and were grabbed quickly from their Home Health Chest and Kitchen Spice Cabinet. Within five minutes he was getting relief from the poultice. Having grown up in a home which has used natural herbal healing since 1974, it was not surprising that Matt was asking for raw onions to eat and a cup of apple cider vinegar to drink.
     On a scale of 0-10 (10 being severe), Matt said he was at a pain level of 10 before applying the poultice and a level 6 within 30 minutes of applying the poultice. Two hours later, it was at a level 3 and the puncture wounds where healed showing no trace where the stinger had pierced the skin. The two more severe sites were improved with less redness and swelling; whereas the other sites were healed. Within 48 hours, Matt was completed healed and back to exploring in the woods again.
     Here are the herbs and kitchen foods used by Matt and his mother to prevent an allergic reaction to and heal the skin from being stung by five bees..

Bee Sting Poultice Ingredients:
Honey (to bind the herbs and remove the bee's stinger)
Apple Cider Vinegar - for pain
Diced Onions - for pain
Nature's Sunshine Herbal Product PLS-II, to disinfect and assist in healing the wound*
Nature's Sunshine Herbal Product BP-X, to purify the blood that was poisoned*
Nature's Sunshine Herbal Product APS-II, acts like natural herbal aspirin*

Mix 1-2 capsules or more of PLS-II, BP-X, APS-II with just enough apple cider vinegar, diced onions and honey to make enough paste to cover the wound sites. Then bandage. Change bandage and add new poultice once or twice daily. Though making a fresh poultice is ideal, you can make enough of the poultice to keep in the refrigerator for up to three days.

     Matt also ingested six capsules of each of the herbal combinations with an asterisk (*). PLS-II and BP-X is recommended daily until three days after the skin is healed. APS-II is taken until there is no more pain or discomfort, then discontinued. No matter what the cause, the skin heals faster when herbs are taken internally as well as applied externally. Matt, having grown up with a respect for his body's communication system, took the appropriate action to reduce his pain when he listened to his innate desire to eat onions and drink apple cider vinegar