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Self-Designed Programs

     Initially, our clients have an interdependent relationship with us as we direct them to health improvement through our clinical nutrition testing, clinical and sports nutrition programs, dietary plans and PEP Session Lifestyle education. Our services are designed to bring our clients into an independent relationship with us.
     An independent relationship is one where our clients have been coached and educated sufficiently to design their own dietary and supplement programs. Our role in an independent relationship is to provide nutritional wellness testing and analysis periodically so that our clients have scientific feedback on how well they have maintained their health. This will also enable them to monitor the effects of pollution on their biochemistry since their last nutritional tests. For example, our clients do not have complete control over air pollution or food additives when ingesting restaurant food. Thus, by having bi-annual nutritional testing, clients are may counter the negative effects of pollution in time to prevent cellular dysfunction or degeneration.
     This becomes a check and balance system for them to assure their ability to maintain the good health they have earned by following our clinical and sports nutrition programs.

     Some clients come to us already well-informed nutritionally and are well equipped to design their own dietary and nutritional supplement programs. They come to us for testing only because professionally-designed clinical and sports nutrition programs, counseling and education are not necessary for them. We may, however, counsel these clients periodically upon their request.

     For Self-Designed Program clients, we offer our Nutritional Blood Analysis and Dietary Analysis at a considerably reduced rate, both of which are indicated on our Order Form. Other nutritional tests, such as urine, saliva, etc. are also offered at a reduced rate. We are able to reduce the fees for self-designed program clients because we are not designing their program to correct the deficiencies and imbalances indicated in the test results, nor are consultations, coaching or education required to implement a dietary or nutritional program they designed. In other words, they are independent in their daily choices on what to eat and drink and what supplements to take, etc., for the deficiencies indicated in their nutritional test results.

     Periodically, we have new clients who request our self-designed program testing services and then the updated test results indicate that they are not sufficiently knowledgeable to design their own program.
     Some of these clients need only a few e-mail consultations to maintain their Self-Designed Program status with us.
     Others require more substantial assistance which necessitates their changing from an independent to an interdependent relationship with us for a period of time. Consequently, our services could no longer be provided at the Self-Designed Program reduced fee rate during this period.

Who Is Qualified To Be A Self-Designed Program Client?

1. Clients who have achieved Wellness/Maintenance Program Status through Advanced Clinical Nutrition.
2. Individuals who are self-taught in Dietetics, Nutrition, Supplements Usage, and consider themselves sufficiently knowledgeable to design their own dietary and supplement programs. Updated nutritional testing will qualify their continuance as a Self- Designed Program Client.
3. Students or professional members of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN) or equivalency.
4. Professionals who hold a B.S. or advanced degree in nutrition, dietetics, health sciences, or holds Chiropractic Diplomate in Nutrition, or equivalency.
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