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Telephone Consultations (TC)

     Telephone Consultations may be scheduled at any time to talk personally with a Clinical Nutritionist.

Telephone consultations may be scheduled to answer questions, such as:

1. Specific questions about your clinical and sports nutrition program. (Fee)
2. Health questions requiring professional nutritional advice for family and friends. (Fee)
3. Administrative and procedural questions about doing business with WSN. (Free)
4. Inquiries about client referrals. (Free)

Please note that some Q/A Services are free (Free) and others are for a fee (Fee).

FREE 25-Minute Initial Consultation for New Clients:
     After your Clinical and Sports Nutrition Program has been mailed to you, a pre-scheduled telephone consultation will be made to consult with a Clinical Nutritionist regarding the following:

Nutritional Evaluation Report (i.e, Report of Findings of your Clinical Nutrition Blood Analysis)
Your Food Chemistry Dietary Plan
Clinically-Formulated Supplements and Instructional Protocol (if purchasing from WSN) OR
Supplemental Protocol Guidelines (if purchasing from Other sources)
     This initial consultation will include how to read and understand the reports of your nutritional findings (where you are and where you want to be nutritionally), specific instructions about taking your clinically-formulated supplements, and recommendations on dietary, supplemental, exercise or athletic training and lifestyle modifications.

     A consultation fee will be charged for time over twenty-five (25) minutes. You may best utilize your consultation time and avoid going over twenty-five minutes, if you will:

1. Read all your reports, instructions, articles, food chemistry plan, and supplemental containers/bottles before your initial telephone consultation.
2. Make a list of all your questions.
3. Allow the Clinical Nutritionist to explain your reports and program entirely before asking questions. In our experience, we find that over 90% of all questions are answered by the time the Clinical Nutritionist has finished sharing the information that is most important for you to get started. If additional questions occur while the Clinical Nutritionist is speaking, add them to your list of questions. After the Clinical Nutritionist has finished speaking, please ask any questions on your list that have not been answered.
4. To best utilize your time during your initial consultation, the Clinical Nutritionist will endeavor to answer questions specific to your initial program only. It is very important to WSN that you receive answers to all your questions. Therefore, any question not directly related to your current program may be answered by scheduling another telephone consultation or answered through our Question/Answer Services. If a question is asked that requires health or nutrition education, you will be referred to the specific Personal Education Program (PEP) Session which provides this in-depth information.

Telephone Consultation Procedures:

1. Telephone consultations are by appointment.
2. When your Clinical and Sports Nutrition Comprehensive Analysis is near completion, you will be contacted by e-mail, telephone or by mail to schedule your initial telephone consultation appointment. This procedure is repeated for each re-evaluation analysis.
3. At the time of the pre-scheduled telephone consultation appointment, you will call WSN.

48-Hour Notice to Reschedule or Cancel Appointment Policy:

     A forty-eight (48) hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel any appointment. Clients who overlook adhering to this policy will be charged $30 for a 30 minute pre-scheduled appointment and $60 for a 60-minute pre-scheduled appointment. If on the day of your appointment, you experienced an unforseen emergency, such as an accident or death of a loved one which prohibited you from giving proper notice, please let us know and this policy fee will waived.