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Copyright 1999
Donna F. Smith

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by Donna F. Smith, C.C.N., C.N.

     People are being attacked by viruses which get stronger and stronger each year. When this happens to you, you will learn from a visit to your physician that, at this time, there is no drug or medication for viruses. Because of this, most people think they have no defense against this parasite. So the majority of the people in the community just keep passing the virus from one person to another and like a snowball going downhill, the virus gets stronger every time is sweeps around your side of the world.

     The good news is there is a defense against viruses and other parasites, that is, a strong immune system. There are clinically-formulated vitamin/mineral supplements and homeopathic remedies, which strengthen the immune system and provide active enzymes so the body can digest and eliminate viruses, and other parasites.

     The word "parasite" is used to represent any foreign organism that feeds or hosts on the human body. This may be a microbial (germ) like a virus, bacteria, streph, or staph, or it may be a worm, like a pinworm or tape worm.

     WSN clients often experience 50-100% improvement within 24 hours. Though they may be symptom free in that short of time, it takes a minimum of three months to rid the body of the virus. The virus, like other parasites, have an incubation period of three months. Some take six to nine months to be eliminated.

     The lack of knowledge about the parasitic incubation period is another reason why people have frequent re-occurrences of viral attacks. The first virus was never completely eliminated from the body and the next virus attack just adds to the first one.


     When new clients come to my office, their immune system has been weakened by multiple, old viruses that have been in their body for many, many years. After following their clinical nutrition immune-building program until the viruses are eliminated, they are pleasantly surprised to find that the next time they are exposed to a new virus, their attack is minimal or much less severe than previously. Often they feel nothing more than a decrease in energy, which is a sign of the body's defense system at work.

     Depending upon how weak your immune system is at the onset, you may have to nutritionally support your immune system for one to two years before it is strong enough to process the next virus through your body without you feeling ill from it. However, once your immune system is strong again, you will generally experience only a slight decrease in energy.

     My clients are so well informed that when they notice a slight decrease in energy, they come in immediately to get a Microbial Immune Kit. By acting quickly to assist their body in eliminating a new virus (or any parasite), none will be left to settle in the cells or tissues. If they did not act quickly, given time, the virus would multiple and weaken their immune system again, as well as interfere with the health of other body functions. They know, if they allow this to happen, then the next time they are exposed to a virus, they will feel a lot more than just a decrease in energy.

     An example of how old parasites interfere with the healthy function of other body systems is in the affect they have on joints and muscles. After just a few weeks on the an immune strengthening kit, clients often remark that they are no longer experiencing arthritis-like pain, backaches, muscle aches, restless legs and a variety of other structural system syndromes. What has happened is this: when your immune system is able to get enough of the old parasites out of the joints and muscles to stop its interference in the function of the structural system, the structural system can then heal itself with the vitamins and minerals you are supply it through foods and supplements and you become free of joint and muscle aches or other-related symptoms.

     Parasites are dependent upon the nutrients inside of your cells for its own metabolic and reproductive needs. The antigen-antibody reaction within the human body forms the bases of immunity against these parasites. Though the body's immune system was originally designed to deal with parasites on their own, we find today that most people have suppressed or weakened immune systems, which leaves them defenseless against recovering from parasite attacks without the assistance of clinical nutrition. Because of this, many people get sick from or feel worse after a flu shots or other vaccinations. A weak immune system cannot produce sufficient anti-bodies to fight even such a small amount of germ inoculation, for which the shot or vaccination was formulated. Similarly some parents may choose to postpone infant and childhood vaccinations because newborns and toddlers are still developing their immune systems.

1. The lack of sufficient and quality food, water and air (the three substances necessary for life, itself) weakens the body's defenses, i.e., the immune system. Processed foods are depleted of their original nutrient value. Preservatives, additives, waxing and chemical spraying of foods, as well as the pollution found in drinking water and air destroys vitamins and minerals in the human body. Nutrients are the building blocks of all body organs, glands and systems.
2. Frequent use of over-the-counter drugs and antibiotics deplete vitamins and minerals from the body and suppress or weaken the immune system. Order our PEP Session on "How To Convert Your Medicine Chest to a Health Chest."
3. Mental and emotional stress depletes the body of essential nutrients and can weaken the immune system.
4. Enervating habits, such as excessive eating, smoking and alcohol consumption, slows down the metabolism and suppresses the immune system.

     Therefore, the best defense against a virus attack is building a strong immune system using clinical nutrition. A clinical nutrition analysis can identify what is weakening your immune system and following a clinical nutrition program, designed from the results of your nutritional biochemistry tests, will guide you in what is needed to strengthen your immune system.

     To fully understand how the immune system becomes weak is explained in Health Breakdown Continuum described in my three-part article series on "How The Body Heals Itself." (Refer to the Articles section of and, when no longer posted there, request a copy directly to WSN by e-mailing This series of articles explains the causes of all illness and disease today, how the body breaks down and what you can do to assist your body in reversing the health breakdown process before it reaches the "point of no return," where it is too late.

     To request information on how to obtain a clinical nutrition analysis to strengthen your immune system and improve any health concerns you may have, e-mail or visit our web site,

     This article was originally published in "The Health Informer," the E-Zine of This information and the microbial immune kit is for the nutritional support of the immune system and not for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any microbial-related disease.

Copyright 1998 Donna F. Smith

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